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When is the Last Time You Took a Bath?

May 04, 2021 Alisha Carlson Episode 9
Real Mom Talk
When is the Last Time You Took a Bath?
Show Notes

How would you answer the question, "When is the last time you took a bath?"

I have to be honest... I'm 42 years old and I love bath time. 

Give me some aromatherapy bath salts, a few pumps of body wash for bubbles, and a large cuppa joe (in the morning) or an extra large pour of wine in the evening, and I am happy. 

My bath tub and bath time are so not-fancy that they binge on being ghetto, but I love it.

Unfortunately, whenever I talk about relaxing in a hot bath, a lot of moms respond to me saying, "I don't have time to take a bath. What are you talking about? I can't even remember the last time I took a bath." 

That response is often followed up by a laundry list of reasons why they can't take a bath...

  • I'm too busy. 
  • I never have a minute to myself. 
  • That sounds lovely. But I...
  • My kids are too little and I can't leave them unattended. 

My friend, there are a million reasons (even legit ones) why you might not be hopping in the bathtub. I get it.

But here's the deal, mama. I don't really care if you're in the bathtub.

What I do care about and am discussing in this episode is that you should be making time for you. You could have time to take a bath if you make yourself a priority.

Self care is not selfish. It is crucial. It is necessary. It is essential.

Yes, your self-care is essential to your family's happiness. It's essential to the rhythms in your home. It's essential to everything you are connected to. 

In this episode, I'll share with you two studies of why it is crucial for you to have time for you. SPOILER ALERT: your self-care DOES affect your parenting!

And then I'll share a few ways that I have made self-care and 'Me Time' a priority in my life, even when my boys were little wild things!

These small tips may make a huge difference in your life and how you show up for your family.

Whether it's taking a bath or just taking care of yourself in simple ways on a daily basis... you are worth taking care of! So go do it!

Show up for yourself today so you can show up better for your kids!

And please, share with me how you're taking care of you. Heck, DM me from the tub! I can't wait to hear from you!

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